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mlp crossover

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Darth Trixie

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Starlight: Uh Trix? Are we not trying to FIX our image as evil overlords? 

It's called COSPLAY Starlight dear...

Starlight: Cosplay? What's Cosplay? 

Trixie: It's when you dress up as and pretend to be one of your favorite fictional characters obviously, honestly you act like you've been living in some weird cult village far removed from society...

Starlight: ......................... I swear ONE of these days Trixie....

Trixie: Yea, yea, i know. Straight to the moon. 

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Caught You

"Spike, The Dragonoid Typhoon"

by vavacung

Spike,Спайк,minor,my little pony,Мой маленький пони,фэндомы,Princess Ember,mlp art,mlp милитаризм,mlp crossover,Vavacung,Loveless Nova,artist
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