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Найдено в лифте.
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Зачем "Вернуть Чапая"?

Чапай, за время его недолгого существования в фэндоме, создал себя, стал тем, чье имя не забыли и всё время припоминают. Он стал частичкой истории фэндома. Зачем его возвращать?!
Легенды не должны оживать.
Легенды должны жить в сердцах.
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Princess Celestia royal mlp песочница Discord minor mlp комикс mlp sad mlp крипота little pony фэндомы 

She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in m
And I have an appreciation for be\0 ty...	à
M' /'/ ,1.	m i 1	iM' // Kf ta / 1 IM
W / ii ¿A	\\\|	
I was in love with her.
But I was naive...
How could she ever love someone like me?
But I thought she would be different...
I thought...

I became a monster...
And you know what
l>XH iM^BK
I realized that Order was not something that was meant for me
I realized that trying to fit into Order was a waste of time.
" -
•0% %
A terrible waste of time, really.
And so, what is the only thing...
...that was

Chaos is perfection.
And for the next several centuries...
...I practiced its glorious perfection.
Practice makes perfect, after all.
Small Chaos.
Medium Chaos.
All sizes of Chaos!
But my favorite type of Chaos?
Plain old
Mortal Chaos
The misfortunes of the weak...
So many wonderful

There was one problem.
The alicorns.
They have no sense of humor...
They didn't like how
I was corrupting their precious
little ponies.
e alicorns view themselves as morally superior..
they fee. and act as though they have the "authority" to protect the weak...
in motion

Two pretty little princesses survived
I don't know how
with their magic...
They restored Order.
My world was destroyed
My creation...
They used that wretched alicorn magic of theirs...
They summoned the rain and the sunlight.
Plants started to grow.
The famine was

last thing I saw...
But you know.
what the worst part was?
Being turned to stone is quite
horrific experience...
The pain?,Princess Celestia,Принцесса Селестия,royal,my little pony,Мой маленький пони,mlp песочница,фэндомы,Discord,minor,mlp комикс,mlp sad,mlp крипота


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You look so delicious.

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пачаны, сматрите чо я нашолъ!

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Готовим голубых поняш для дальнейшего употребления внутрь.

[ALERT] Ту мач инглиш, ю ноу.